Mastermind Your Life
  • Are You Committed to Having a Super Successful Business which can change the world and reflect your passion and purpose?
  • Can you imagine all of your relationships being fulfilling, rewarding and connected?
  • Would you like to know the blocks that are keeping you from having everything you truly want?
  • What would it feel like to have a body that is Strong, active and pain free?
  • Can You imagine your life not being ruled by fear of ego?
  • Can you imagine what it would be like to be complete with struggle?
  • What would it be like to have an unwavering inner connection?
What We Do
We work with an invited elite group of successful clients who know on some level that they are Worldwide Game Changers who want something more in their lives and in the world and will do whatever it takes to fulfill their desire. Our clients want to effect positive and long lasting change in their inner and outer world.

This is an Intense and Life Changing Program and will demand Desire, Focus, Commitment, Passion and Follow Through. If you feel short in any of these areas we will help you with that. You just need the desire and the passion to create meaningful change.

We work with our clients to
  • Identify and eliminate underlying programs and blocks that may be holding them back from success (as they define it.)
  • Identify their Life Purpose 
  • Find out what they really want
  • Learn how to Create and Mastermind a step by step Comprehensive Life Plan to End All Anguish for them to make the internal changes necessary to have the life they desire and accomplish those things that are most dear to them.
  • Work from the “Inside Out” recognizing that any meaningful change must first occur from within before their outside world will change.
  • Become aware of their mindset and what they are thinking, feeling and saying.
  • Experience constant Joy and Freedom through Non-Resistive Living ™
  • Experience success and empowerment through a unique 2 Part Project (Inner and Outer) that they create, plan and execute to effect the change/s that they desire.
  • 6 months for Inner Project
  • 6 months for Outer Project
  • “Know ThySelf”
  • Learn and implement the power of Energy
  • Create an individualized plan for them to create balance and wellbeing in all areas of their life
◘ All Relationships
◘ Health (Body)
◘ Financial
◘ Career
◘ Connection with Self-Genius Team
◘ Joy and Freedom
What You Will Experience
  • A year long comprehensive immersion Program that will create profound change for you from the Inside out.
  • Personalized One and One Coaching with Esateys
  • A very targeted mastermind program of 3 small intimate live events over the next year to help you with anything you are being challenged with and to support you in the two six month projects you will experience as part of the program.
  • Two projects over the course of the year, one to focus your awareness, mindset skills and level of commitment and the other to support you in creating a project (your choice) that will facilitate the change you want to be in the world.
  • Monthly call with Esateys and other powerful thought leaders to assist you with any problems, concerns or roadblocks you may be having.
  • Access to Esateys Email questions and she will respond to your questions in either audio or video for a complete understanding of your process and journey.
Structure of Program
The program consists of two aspects (Projects):
  • The Inner Project is a Supercharged and Dynamic  Personal Development Matrix.  It will support the implementation of the personal growth aspect of the program and allow Massive Personal Transformation to achieve your goals and make a difference in yourself and the World.
  • The Outer Project is to express this Inner Fullness with the Overflow of Creativity, Love and Contribution creating a Project that provides Global Giving and World Change, no matter how small or large the Project appears to be.
What You Get:
3 Small highly focused and intimate Total Life Transformational Summits a year, at locations to be determined.
  • These Summits are specific to you. They are intense, pointed and will clear out confusion and questions about your Purpose, Goals, Values and Desired Results. They are designed to release the old patterns and beliefs and create “The New You” and how to implement this upgraded version of you in The World.
  • You will be in the company of and be able to MasterMind with other like-minded ‘Powerful World Wide Game Changers’.
This Summit is to orient you to the foundational principles that will uncover your beliefs and perceptions from your past and support the creation of a new way of perceiving and framing yourself and your life.

You will discover your passion and your purpose for being on this planet. 
At the summit you will be introduced to your “Inner Project” which will activate your Personal Development Matrix. 

You will create a personal and specific plan of action to completely implement the choices, changes and results you desire for yourself and your life. Goals and Milestones will be created to keep you focused and on track. 

You will receive the Ultimate Life Breakthrough System, which consists of 3 modules, that will serve as the roadmap and guiding infrastructure to support the creation of your “Personal Development

Matrix”. This will support you through the 12 months of this program and the rest of your life. 
2nd Summit: “Creating Your World Game Changing ‘Outer Project’.”
The 2nd Summit is to take you deeper into yourself and to work with any difficulties, struggles or blocks you may have encountered along the way.

We will also review the milestones that you created in the first Summit and create any adaptations that are necessary to keep you moving forward profoundly. 

You will choose your Your World Game Changing ‘Outer Project’, create a plan of action for its implementation and determine your goals and milestones. You will also determine what team members and accountability partners you need to support the complete fulfillment and implementation of your project. 

This project will come from the overflow of your connection, passion, purpose and desire to contribute to yourself and the World. 

3rd Summit: “Completions, Awards and Celebration”
Intricate Debriefing of your experience, projects and personal transformation.

What did you learn? What will you do differently? What’s next for you? 

How to take your projects to the next level. 

An Award for the “Most Profound and Completed Project” as determined by other “World Wide Game Changers”. This award will blow your mind! 

Celebrate Your Victory! 

Program Included, Hotel and Food on Your Own
  • Lifetime Membership in the Ultimate Life Breakthrough system which will provide all of the basic teachings and more that will jump start your transformation.
  • 1 private Coaching call/month with Esateys
  • Year long Mentorship Program for Your Personalized Project.
  • 1 scheduled group call/month with Esateys to answer any questions and help with the direction of your project.
  • Email questions to Esateys and she will respond to your questions in either audio or video for a complete understanding of your process and journey
  • Access to any new Programs created by Esateys
  • Accountability partner
  • Private Facebook Group
PRICE     $15,000/year cash upfront  or $1350/per month  for 12 months ($15000 for the entire.  Both a Year Year Long Commitment.

Each person creates an intention and an outcome that they're looking for in the year that they're going to be working with us. 

We help them Create an individualized plan that is exclusive to their individual needs with milestones and anticipated outcomes for both the Inner and Outer parts of Life.

This is their own project and they will  have an accountability partner within the group to support them.

You will also receive input from individualized consulting with Esateys as well as from the collective group. 

You will also receive foundational information that will support your New Life Plan. 

This project will be the catalyst for the creation of the New you and a Total Life and World Transformation 

You will become The Architect of the New You and this New You is what creates our program being unique specialized and profound for a complete and Total Transformation of each individual that is enrolled or participating.

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