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Programs by Esateys

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System

is our signature compilation of our most important work. It is an innovative and life changing program that combines all of Esateys’ paradigm breaking teachings, technologies and systems into a simple, easy to use, directed methodology to change lives in just 7 weeks.

This work begins with literally reprogramming the conscious and subconscious mind in a way that allows you to totally Re-Design Your Life, Your Relationships, Your Finances , Your Health and much, much more.

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System  provides you with all of the programs, audios, retreats, coaching, special bonuses and other information that allows you to be consistently connected to everything that will inspire you to create and follow through and experience Radical Results with your greatest desires.

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System is comprised of four life changing modules:

  • Relationship Reboot System
  • Wealth Accelerator System
  • Mindset and Inner connection System
  • The Glue that Puts it All together

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Consulting with Esateys


Consulting with Esateys

Esateys is “The Architect of  “ The New YOU”. She has developed a unique and proven MindSet System to help people design their Personal Life Plan to End All Anguish.

She has the uncanny proven ability to see through the façade of the human personality and layers of human programming to enable her clients to access their Greatest Potential and Self-Empowerment. Through this work Esateys inspires a Complete Perception Shift, Profound Vision and Clarity in each person she touches.

Your work with Esateys is Deep, Clear and provides all of the ingredients to create Insightful Safety, Openness, and a Grounded Clear Plan of action for exactly what to do next.

If you are ready for direct, blunt, empowering support that will bring you to Profound Lucidity around Relationship, Career, Health, Money and Inner Connection you want to immediately get started by clicking here for more information or a Free Brief Consulting session with Esateys.

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Find Out How to Work 1 on 1 With Esateys

Relationship Reboot System 

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The Relationship Reboot System
Create. Reignite. Connect All of Your Relationships

Learn How to supercharge Your Relationships
• Create Close Meaningful Relationships in every area of your life
• Expereince True and intimate connection in the Bedroom
• Learn How to improve your communication for closer relationships
   What to Avoid in Your relationships
There are Three Comprehensive Modules that build upon each other:
     1. Create or Reignite Your Perfect Relationship –  “12 + 1 Action Steps to an Incredible Relationship”
     2. Connection in the Bedroom – “Discovering, Refreshing and Bringing Passion into Your Sex Life”
     3. Relationships and Beyond – “Breaking Free of the Relationship Game”

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 Wealth Accelerator System

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The Wealth Accelerator Program

NOW is the time for You to create Everything You Always Wanted!!

• Incredible Relationships
• Unlimited Wealth and Prosperity
• A NEW Mindset to bring Joy, Happiness and Abundance into your Life

The Wealth Accelerator program is comprised of three Powerfully Complementary Programs to provide maximum energetic support for you to Succeed in creating Absolute Personal Wealth.

  • The Wealth Grid
  • 21 Days to Absolute Wealth
  • The Wealth Process

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Mindset Breakthrough Ssytem

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Mindset Breakthrough System

The Mindset Breakthrough System is our  seminal work  and explains how Mindset is the Key to ending all conflict in your life; from your Relationships, your Health, your Business, Career and your Inner Connection.

Being in control of your mind and what you are constantly thinking is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself.

If you would like to live in a State of Non-Resistance and simultaneously Experience Your Busy Life in Pure Joy this program is a must!

It is the key to transforming everything in your life and setting the foundation for you to be The Architect of the New You

The Mindset Breakthrough System is comprised of two powerful programs which work together:

  1. The Mindset Breakthrough System– will show you how to have it all
  2. AQ DQ Mastery Program (Awareness and Desire Program) is the glue that brings success and most importantly RESULTS to every area of your life



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